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ppm 4011 GPS Compass

ppm-4011 GPS Compass
ppm 4011 GPS Compass Navigation Kit Receiver

ppm 4011 GPS Compass Navigation Kit Receiver


Data Sheet: (4011GPSCompass.pdf)

The 4011 GPS Compass Sensor from ppm is a high precision SBAS-capable single-frequency GPS receiver built for the most demanding applications.

The 4011 GPS Compass is designed for seamless integration into navigation and surveying solutions and guarantees reliable position and heading data.


Accurate and reliable
Processing data from 2 GPS antennas and 2 receiver on the powerful CPU, azimuth calculations are extremely fast and reliable (on average, in approx. 25 seconds after switching it on). The configuration of the system can be individually adjusted by the user.

Simple installation
The 4011 GPS Compass can be installed quickly in a flexible manner. The antennas that are supplied are small, extremely robust and impress with their reception quality, and the configuration software that is supplied runs on PDAs with Windows Mobile or on PCs with the Windows operating system. The 4011 GPS Compass calculates the position and the heading exceedingly fast. The receiver is SBAS-compatible and provides submeter positioning accuracy.

Wide range of applications
The 4011 GPS Compass can be applied in many fields:

  • Navy
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Container logistics
  • Military applications



  • Real-time position: Stand-alone horizontal CEP: 3.0 m¹
  • Real-time position: DGPS (local base station) horizontal CEP: 0.4 m¹
  • Azimuth accuracy:
    • 0.3° RMS* at 0.5 m distance
    • 0.15° RMS* at 1 m distance
    • 0.10° RMS* at 2 m distance

Dimensions and power consumption

  • Size in mm: 157 x 69 x 180 (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 1300 g
  • Input voltage: 9-16 VDC +/- 5%
  • Power consumption: <1.0 W (with 2 GPS antennas)


  • 12 Channels, all-in-view, parallel tracking
    • GPS L1 C/A code and full carrier phase
  • I/O connections
    • 3 RS232 max. 57.6 Kbits/s
  • Up to 20 Hz raw data output (code and carrier phase), optional
  • Max. speed 514 m/s
  • Max. altitude 18,287 m

¹) The position accuracy information is based on tests that were calculated for an environment with low multi-path. In an environment with high multi-path, the values may not be as favorable.
²) It is assumed that at least 4 GPS satellites are clearly visible.