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ppm skeyepad TabletPC

ppm skeyepad is a 8″ TabletPC with a fully integrated GPS + GLONASS receiver. Three models available

Primarily data – available Q1/2018 (estimated)

Data Sheet: (ppm skeyepad.pdf)


Submeter accuracy

model 1

 with a 240 or 555 channel GPS + GLONASS receiver (L1)

Decimeter accuracy

model 2

with a 240 or 555 channel GPS + GLONASS receiver (L1)

Centimeter accuracy

model 3

 with a 240 or 555 channel GPS + GLONASS receiver (L1/L2) with external pole and antenna kit

Helix Antenna*

Our GPS + GLONASS L1/L2 Helix antenna ensures excellent reception

*model 1+2

External antenna kit*

External antenna kit contains a 2m antenna pole (carbon fibre) with internal antenna cable and a survey grade GNSS antenna. All together it’s an “all-on-the-pole” survey system.

*model 3

GNSS Commander software

 helps to configure the receiver and provides NTRIP connections and transformations. Data can be forwarded to 3rd party software.

GNSS Commander is available as Windows or Android (Google play store) version.

GNSS Commander